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House Calls

For York Hospital, routine phlebotomy house call service is available on a scheduled basis Monday through Friday to patients who are homebound and unable to travel to an outpatient collection site for routine lab work.

House call guidelines and restrictions:


  • The “House Call Request for Homebound Patients” form is required to order a house call visit. [This form can be found on the WellSpan INET under Department/York Hospital/Lab/Lab Forms/Requisition Order Forms/Lab 133 Home Bound Requisition] or can be faxed to the physician office by calling (717) 851-1417. The information fields on the form must be filled out completely. The reason for testing (ICD-10) code is required for each test ordered. Please include a face sheet with patient demographic and insurance information in order for the insurer to be billed. Copies of the insurance card are preferred. Medicare patients will be asked to sign an advanced beneficiary notice (ABN) if the reason for testing is not considered medically necessary by CMS.
  • Standing orders are not accepted. The completed order form can be sent to the laboratory by fax to (717) 851-1443; by lab courier (interoffice mail) to TransLab Services, attn: House Calls

Homebound Verification

  • House Call Requirement: This service is reserved for patients with significant difficulty leaving their home due to their medical condition, and will be provided only when requested and authorized by a physician who certifies the need. Lack of transportation does not qualify the patient for a house call.
  • When patients leave their home for other appointments, they are encouraged to visit one of our outpatient collection sites. Patients with only transportation difficulties are not qualified for house call visits by the laboratory.

Homebound Visits

  • House call scheduling is provided Monday-Friday but not guaranteed on a particular day and cannot be honored for weekends, evenings, or holidays.
  • Scheduling is done on the basis of fasting requirements and geographical locations in the York area and surrounding municipalities.
  • Priority service is not available.
  • This service is for blood collection only.
  • Urine specimens, cultures and specimens other than blood must be delivered by a family member or friend to a laboratory facility.

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