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Drugs of Abuse Urine Collection


Urine drug testing that is ordered by a clinician may be collected at any of the WellSpan Outpatient Collection Centers in York and Adams Counties. 

Work related or DOT drugs of abuse urine collection for non-emergency situations and clients of WORKFIRST need to be scheduled with either WORKFIRST-York by calling (717) 851-1600 or WORKFIRST-Gettysburg at (717) 339-2880.  For times after WORKFIRST regular hours of operation, collections can be done at one of the ReadyCare sites during their hours.


  • Give patient a urine collection cup to obtain the urine specimen.
  • Instruct the patient to give the collected specimen to a staff member.
  • Label the container with the patient's information.
  • Have the patient initial the evidence tape.
  • Seal the container with the evidence tape.
  • Place the specimen in a biohazard bag and seal.
  • Have the patient sign the requisition.
  • Log order(s) in computer.
  • Scan signed requisition into computer.
  • File the requisition.

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