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Alcohol & Urine Drug of Abuse Testing

The laboratory will collect and/or accept specimens for alcohol and urine drugs of abuse testing when ordered by a licensed practitioner or law enforcement agency.

Physician Requests

Outpatient drug tests are generally designated as "pain management" compliance rather than “medical” tests.  Inpatient drug testing is considered "medical" or diagnostic testing.

Urine specimens for drug testing may be collected at one of the facilities listed below.

Urine samples collected in physician’s offices, with the appropriate paperwork, may be taken to one of the outpatient locations listed below. Courier service may be available for urine drug pick up.

Blood alcohol samples can be drawn at the satellite locations and the hospital outpatient collection center. In general, blood is not the specimen of choice for drug testing.

Urine donors need a photo ID to provide positive identification for a drug test. Medical testing requires a 40 mL sample. Refer to Drugs of Abuse Urine Collection or call the York Hospital Laboratory at (717) 851-2511 or Gettysburg Hospital Laboratory at (717) 337-4483.

LocationHours of OperationTelephone Number

Apple Hill Laboratory 
25 Monument Road Suite 198
York, PA 17403

Mon.-Fri. 6 am-6 pm
Sat 7 am-11 am

(717) 741-8190

1150 Carlisle Street
Hanover, PA 17331

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 6 am-1 pm
Thurs 6 am - 6 pm 
Sat 7 am-11 am

(877) 935-8430

2015 Springwood Road
York, PA 17403

Mon.-Fri  6 am-2 pm

(717) 851-2500

Stony Brook 
4222 Lincoln Highway
York, PA 17406

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 6 am-2 pm 
Wed 6 am - 6 pm 
Sat 7 am-11 am

(717) 812-2900

Valley Green 
1790 Old Trail Road
Suite E
Etters, PA 17319

Mon.- Fri 6 am-1 pm  

(717) 938-3382

WellSpan Dover Health Center 
4020 Carlisle Road
Dover, PA 17315

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 6 am-2 pm
Wed 6 am-6 pm  

(717) 851-6490

WellSpan East Berlin Health Center 
105 Fourth Street
East Berlin, PA 17316

Mon.- Fri 6 am-12 pm  

(717) 812-7350

WellSpan Hayshire Health Center 
2775 N. George Street
York, PA 17402

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 6 am-2 pm
Thurs 6 am-6 pm
Sat 7 am-11 am  

(717) 812-7300

WellSpan Stonebridge Health Center 
13515 Wolfe Road
New Freedom, PA 17349

Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 6 am-2 pm
Tues 6 am-6 pm
Sat 7 am-11 am  

(717) 812-2520

WellSpan Windsor Health Center 
3065 Windsor Road
Red Lion, PA 17356

Mon, Thurs 6 am-6 pm
Tues, Wed, Fri 6 am-2 pm
Sat 7 am-11 am  

(717) 851-1765

WellSpan York Hospital Outpatient 
Collection Department 
1001 S. George Street
York, PA 17403

Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-4 pm (717) 851-2547

Westgate Plaza 
1550 Kenneth Road
York, PA 17404

Mon, Tues 6 a.m-6 pm
Wed, Thurs, Fri 6 am-2 pm
Sat 7 am-11 am

(717) 851-7020

4910 Fairfield Road
Fairfield, PA 17320

Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-11:30 am

(717) 642-8229

Thurmont Professional Center 
48 Water Street
Thurmont, MD 21788

Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-11 am (301) 271-2636

WellSpan Adams Health Center
40 V-Twin Drive, Ste 109
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Mon.-Fri. 7 am-4 pm (717) 339-2605

WellSpan Aspers Health Center
2060 Carlisle Road
Aspers, PA 17304

Mon-Thurs 7 am-4:30 pm
Fri 7 am-3:30 pm


WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital Outpatient Collection Department 
147 Gettys St. 
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Mon.-Fri. 7 am-8 pm 
Sat 7 am-12 pm

(717) 337-4483

Law Enforcement Agency Requests

Persons requiring legal blood or urine drug testing at York Hospital should contact the Security Operations Center at (717) 851-2604 and wait for the security office to contact the laboratory about a suitable location to collect the specimen. At Gettysburg Hospital the person should present to the Emergency Department waiting area and wait for the Triage Nurse or other staff member to contact the laboratory.

DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Requests

According to the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle code, any individual who drives, operates or is in actual physical control of the movement of a motor vehicle is deemed to have given consent to testing for alcohol or controlled substances unless that consent is withdrawn, verbally or nonverbally.

Non-DUI Requests

Orders must be from a licensed clinician unless a court order is presented. A consent form must be signed by the person being tested before any specimens are collected. The patient has the right to refuse signing the consent form. Refusal will be documented on the form. Consent is not necessary when there is a court order for specific testing.

Work-Related Requests

Employers or employees requiring routine testing for work related purposes and/or Department of Transportation (DOT) licenses should contact one of the Occupational Health facilities in the area.  The York Hospital Emergency Department will only perform a breath alcohol test on patients brought in through the Emergency Department. Gettysburg Hospital will perform post accident drug and alcohol testing on patients brought through the Gettysburg Hospital Emergency Department.

DOT (Department of Transportation) Request

If the urine drug test is to be done according to DOT regulations, the urine collection must be scheduled to be collected within 32 hours at a WellSpan Occupational Health collection site. Contact WellSpan Occupational Health. When they are closed the collection can be done at one of the ReadyCare locations.



WellSpan Occupational Health-Gettysburg  
455 South Washington Street, Suite 12 
Gettysburg, PA 17325


Mon.-Fri. 8 am-4:30 pm (717) 339-2880

When WellSpan Occupational Health-Gettysburg is closed go to:
WellSpan Gettysburg ReadyCare
455 South Washington Street, Suite 12 
Gettysburg, PA 17325.

Mon-Fri. 8 am-8 pm 
Sat 9 am-6 pm 
Sat. 10 am-4 pm

(717) 339-2875

After Hours go to:
Gettysburg Hospital Emergency Department 
147 Gettys Street 
Gettysburg, PA 17325.

  (717) 334-8896

WellSpan Occupational Health-York 
2250 E. Market Street 
York, PA 17402.

Mon-Thurs 7 am-7 pm 
Fri. 7 am-5pm 
Sat. 8am-12noon

(717) 851-1600

When WellSpan Occupational Health-York is closed go to:
WellSpan East York ReadyCare
2250 E. Market Street 
York, PA 17402

Mon.-Fri. 8 am-9 pm 
Sat, Sun, Hol 9 am-6 pm 
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas

(717) 812-3940

After Hours go to:
York Hospital Emergency Department
1001 S. George Street 
York, PA 17403

  (717) 851-2311

WellSpan Occupational Health-Hanover 
100 Frederick Street, Suite 101
Hanover, PA 17331

Mon-Fri 8 am-4:30 pm (717) 851-7070

When WellSpan Occupational Health-Hanover is closed go to either WellSpan ReadyCare-York or ReadyCare-Gettysburg
After hours go to either YORK Hospital Emergency Department or Gettysburg Hospital Emergency Department


Medical drug and alcohol testing for a non-forensic purpose is performed at York, Gettysburg, Ephrata, and Lebanon Hospitals using approved and accepted analytical methods. Quality control procedures are defined. The laboratory engages in proficiency testing programs administered by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Documentation of all testing methods, results of quality control testing, and service and maintenance records on all testing equipment are maintained in the laboratory and are available for inspection.

Pain management compliance or drug treatment program drug testing is referred to Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute-Chantilly Laboratories, a CLIA certified laboratory.

Medical Review Officer (MRO) Service:  WellSpan Occupational Health provides physician review of work related test results for drug testing clients.

Requests for Results of Testing

By individuals/family members:

Individuals/family members may contact the Health Information Management (HIM) Department for release of information at (717) 851-6396.  An Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information (PHI) form must be completed and submitted by one of the following methods:  in person; by mailing to Release of Information~GSOB, 912 S. George Street, York, PA 17403; or by faxing to(717) 812-8119.  If the records requested are for a doctor's appointment, the individual/family member must provide the name of the doctor, mailing address, date of appointment, phone and fax numbers.  The patient's records will be sent directly to the doctor at no charge.  Please note that the patient/family will be charged for medical record requests for all other purposes.  WellSpan Health has partnered with MRO to process medical record requests.  If the patient's request is billable, the patient will receive an invoice from MRO in the mail.  Their records will be mailed to them promptly upon receipt of payment.

By law enforcement agencies

For legal results:

In York County testing is performed by National Medical Services Laboratory (NMS). In Adams County testing is sent to either NMS or the Pennsylvania State Police Laboratory as per requesting municipality. Results will be made available to the police department or agency by the testing facility.

For medical results:

A search warrant or court order must be presented in person to the Health Information Management (HIM) Department (Medical Records) for the result on a specific individual.  Results can be released if the individual voluntarily agrees to sign the Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information.

By companies:

Results will be mailed to the ordering agency upon completion of the test.

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