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24 Hour Urine Collection

 A 24-hour urine specimen is collected by discarding the first urine voided on the morning of day one and collecting ALL urine up to and including the first urine voided on day two. The entire urine specimen voided is to be collected. Example: If on day one you discard the first urine at 7 a.m., you must collect urine until day two at 7 a.m. including this void.

Appropriate collection containers are listed for each 24 hour test requested. Brown bottles protect the sample from light. Some tests may require acid to be added to the bottle. Use caution and follow the instructions attached to the container. If tests are requested that require more than one additive, a P-Splitter may be obtained for an accurate one time collection process. This device allows the urine to be divided equally between the two containers.

The specimen is to be refrigerated or kept on ice from the beginning of the 24-hour collection up to the time it is brought to the laboratory.

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